2021 Edition Of The Building Materials Industry Mortar Production And Technology Exchange Conference To Be Held In March 28 In Xuzhou

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With the increasing concentration of the manufacturers in the industry and the cross-border expansion of leading building materials companies, mortar has become an inevitable choice for building materials companies to become bigger and stronger.


Although the hot spots are obvious, but the trend of change requires insight and prediction. For this reason, companies that follow the trend urgently need to improve the level of R&D and production technology and the technical literacy of personnel at the executive level.


In order to improve the theoretical and practical level of relevant personnel for laboratory testing in mortar enterprises, China Mortar Network, which has adhered to the concept of "growth with the industry" for 18 years.


More so, the industry has also joined hands with the China Building Energy Conservation Association Building Energy Conservation Engineering Construction Professional Committee to ensure that this dream comes true.


On March 28-30, 2021, a seminar on mortar production and application exchange will be held in Xuzhou, Jiangsu. The conference requires backward inference of the composition of the production formula from the three aspects of terminal application, mortar products, and product cost; summarizes the recipe adjustment tips from application cases and local characteristics; transform and upgrade to a higher level.


2021 Edition Of The Building Materials Industry Mortar Production And Technology Exchange Conference

From the perspective of construction, it will put forward demands for mortar (concrete) suppliers to promote the development of the industry in subsequent years.


Our company's technical manager Chen Xihui shared the topic of "Application of Polysaccharide Modified Cellulose Ether in Gypsum-based Self-Leveling" at this meeting.


Manager Chen Xihui has been engaged in the following research for many years: 1. Develop two kinds of products of flavor. 3. Preparation and performance research of concentration difference thin film battery. 4. Research and development and cost control of acrylate grouting liquid. 5. Research and development and cost control of acrylic acid salt-free brick materials. 6. Formulation optimization and cost control of single and two-component waterproof coatings. 7. Research and development of self-repairing mortar. 


Her speech was recognized by many experts present. This also reflects the technical level and professionalism of our company employees from the side. Our company aims to provide customers with high-quality Hydroxpropyl Methylcellulose.

2021 Edition Of The Building Materials Industry Mortar Production And Technology Exchange Conference

Proceedings of the meeting

Among some of the top issues and components of the industry that will be discussed during the 2021 edition of the exhibition include but not limited to the following;

· Plastering with gypsum and self-leveling

· Quick-hardening and anti-cracking thick cement-based self-leveling

· Putty

· Grouting

· Sound insulation system

· Prefabricated decoration and prefabricated thermal insulation system

· Non-calcining

· Non-drying gypsum modification technology

· Desulfurization gypsum desulfurization


Also to be discussed during the conference will be some technical analysis of products such as;

· Chloride ion technology

· Semi-hydrated gypsum modification technology

· Gypsum-based fireproof coating technology

· Solid core

· Water resistance

· Foamed gypsum strip technology

· Gypsum-based permeable bricks, etc.


With this, it is obvious that the content of the conference covers actual engineering needs to the characteristics of product applications, and traceability.


For this reason, when the product design is different, it therefore means that the composition of the formula has also been changed.


And to save the situation, there is a need to implement the adjustment and revision of the formula. With this, it then means that "However it change afterward, it always change along its ancestors" is the core of the formula, knowing it, and knowing why, is the essence of the formula as well.


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