Conference of Gypsum Based Self Leveling Mortar in Hangzhou

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Mr. Xianggang Wang will give presentation about‘ Celopro in Gypsum based Self Leveling Compound’ in Drymix Mortar Conference in Hangzhou

Suzhou, July 16-18, 2021,by Celotech Chemical

Gypsum based application is a hot topic recently in China, and Celotech will participate a drymix mortar conference in Hangzhou, Zhejiang in July from 16th -19th.  Around 500 people from drymix mortar industry will attend this big event. Celoteh Chemical will also participate and with a presentation named: The performance reasearch of Celopro in Gypsum based Self Leveling Mortar. The Chief Technology Engineer, Mr. Xianggang Wang, will give a presenation. He will also introducing the latest hot topic, Building 3D Printing. 

Lets meet in Hangzhou on 16th, July.


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