Modified methyl cellulose and market trends

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Methyl cellulose is increasingly used in construction sector. It is added to mortar dry mixes to enhance the mortar's properties including workability, water retention, open and adjustment time, adhesion to surfaces, and viscosity. As a result, vendors from the global methyl cellulose market are gaining remarkable demand avenues from construction sector.

Modified methylcellulose

We are constantly optimizing our products to meet the challenging demands of the market. 

Celopro® MT is a brand new product that are especially designed of methylcellulose derivatives, including hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and methyhydroxy ethylcellulose, straight or modified with organic and inorganic additives. 

These series have been developed to improve the application and strength properties of gypsum based plasters, fillers, adhesives and spackling compounds, cement and lime based plasters, tile cements and similar products.

Modified methyl Cellulose market trends
A lot of research are ongoing in the methylcellulose market. Research it has predicted that the market Methyl cellulose will expand at a rate of growth during the years 2020-2029 forecast, driven by several factors. Key reason for this growth is increased use of methyl cellulose in a wide range of end-use industries such as construction, consumer goods, and cosmetics. Methyl cellulose is a chemical compound manufactured from cellulose. It is gaining popularity owing to its diverse features.


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