The National Gypsum Mortar and Vitrified Bead Application Technology and Development Exchange Conference has kicked off

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With the continuous improvement of the development of the industry, the application technology of gypsum mortar has also been continuously developed. Obviously, this has become an inevitable choice for many building materials companies to become bigger and stronger.


From April 21 to 24, 2021, the National Gypsum Mortar and Vitrified Microbead Application Technology and Development Exchange Conference will be held in Xinyang, Henan. The conference will focus on the technology of gypsum mortar and vitrified microbeads, as well as the upstream and downstream of the glass bead/mortar industry. Exchange of high-quality resources.


Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

The main exchange in this meeting was about gypsum mortar. The methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose produced by our company also played a certain role in gypsum mortar. For example, we will use it to build houses and drill wells in our lives. The cement is also a kind of gypsum. There is an additive in the cement called methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose, which can prevent or reduce the occurrence of gas channeling. In addition to acting as a gas control additive, methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose controls fluid loss during cementing, minimizing free fluid and stabilizing foam. Our company will exchange these technologies and knowledge in this meeting.


Almost all the keynote speakers invited to the conference are professors who have studied building materials such as gypsum mortar, and they have come from all over the country. There are also managers of companies that have developed prominently in the building materials industry.


The main issues and components of some industries that will be discussed during the 2021 exchange conference include but are not limited to the following:


1. The application of rheological additives in gypsum-based self-leveling mortar;

2. Self-leveling quality control and construction technology of sand-free gypsum base;

3. The configuration of the mixed plastering gypsum of hemihydrate gypsum and high temperature anhydrous gypsum;

Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

4. Analysis of the ratio of inorganic active thermal insulation mortar;

5. How to mass production of gypsum-based self-leveling;

6. The application prospects of perlite insulation materials in the field of passive zero-energy buildings;

7. Research and application of perlite in civil engineering;

8. Common problems and analysis of light plaster plaster;

9. Actively promote the intelligent and standardized development of perlite special equipment;

10. Lightweight gypsum and gypsum-based self-leveling solutions are more excellent.


The content of this conference obviously covers the related technologies of gypsum mortar and vitrified microbeads, the characteristics of product applications and the traceability.


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