Xianggang Wang joined Celotech as Chief Engineer from 2021

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Mr. Xianggang Wang join Celotech Chemical as Chief Engineer

Celotech has announced the join of Wang Xianggang, as the chief technical engineer since Jan.1st, 2021.

Mr. Xianggang , has been working in this industry for 15 years, is an experianced technical engineer in modern drymix mortar industry. Here is his brief introduction:

Xianggang, Wang,  Senior Engineer

School of Materials Science and Engineering, Southeast University  PhD

Celotech CHemical Co., Ltd.  Chief Technical Engineer

Professional field is intelligent manufacturing. His main research direction: 3D Printing Building, research and development and market application of concrete products.

After finished his PhD., Xianggang Wang joined Celotech Chemical as the Chief Engineer and  responsible for the internal training, application research, optimization of drymix mortar formulation, research on applications of flowable mortar etc.

He participate in the sub-project of the National 13th Five-Year Plan: The Research on Large 3D Printing Equipment and Transportation Technology of Construction Engineering; participate in the preparation of the Test Method of 3D Print Concrete Mixing, Test Method for Mechanical Performance of 3D Printing Concrete, and Test Method of 3D Print Concrete shrinkage Cracking.

He was responsible for the research, development and application of relevant construction chemicals, providing pre-sales and after-sales technical services, and providing targeted training for customers. Familiar with the cement-based and gypsum-based application fields of cellulose ethers, construction additives, polycarboxylate based water reducer, gypsum retarder etc., undertake science and technology planning projects, participate in the preparation of industry standards, have authorized patents, and win a number of honors and awards.


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