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Nice meeting you!

Welcome to visit our stand in China Coat Shanghai.

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Nice meeting you again!

Its the second day of China Coat Shanghai, 2017, another busy day for Celotech people, but very happy to receiving different customers from everywhere all over the world.

During this show, Celotech Chemical has introduced Celopro series of cellulose ethers to customers and visitors. Celopro HPMC, Celopro MHEC and Celopro HEC are the main products that Celotech is offering for construction industries, for mortar application and water based paint application.

The market is tough and due to the interfere coming from the government, regarding Environmental Protection Procedure, the supply of cellulose ethers are in shortage temporarily. However, thanks to our investment on waste water treatment plant, Celotech running stably while others have been closed permanently by government. Many of Celotech partners visited Celotech and discussed their plan for the year 2018.

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