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Technical Seminar Romania

Cluj, Romania Oct.23rd-25th 2017

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Technical Seminar for Coatings

Together with our local partner OMYA Distribution in Romania, Celotech successfully held a 2-day technical seminar in beautiful city Cluj.

Sales Manager of Celotech in Europe, Mr. Slawomir Krygier attended this seminar and introduced Celopro HEC to all the attendants. Celopro HEC are supplied by Celotech are offering a series of advantages to the paint formulation, such as,

Economical Thickening - Useful in a wide range of paint types

Viscosity stability - Good freeze-thaw and heat stability

Nonionic - Insensitive to pH and electrolytes

Compatibility - Insensitive to surfactants and coalescent

Colorant compatibility - Excellent color acceptance, color development and viscosity retention on tinting

Water retention - Excellent water hold-out and open time

Imparts a full bodied rich feel to the liquid paint

Celopro® HHB series are recommended by Celotech as most famous and hot selling product for water based paint. It’s a series of biostable thickener, with different viscosities, like HHB30S, HHB50S and HHB70S, thus offer different thickening effect.

During this technical seminar, Omya Distribution also announced that, an application lab will be established in Bucharest, Romania, in 2018, in order to give better service to local customers.

Lets meet again in Autumn, in 2018!

About Celotech Chemical

Pursuit of Excellence of Cellulosics

Celotech is a company concentrating on cellulose ethers business, we have been serving the construction market around the world for more than 10 years with our brand Celopro®, a range of reliable non-ionic cellulose ethers. Celopro® has been widely recognized as a reliable and premium choice of thickener for building materials. Celotech’s continuous pursuit of excellence is reflected in our broad production portfolio, covering various applications.

Celotech have two production plants both located in the north of China and two application laboratory located in Suzhou and Shandong. We have head office in Suzhou and regional sales office in Poland, Pakistan and Brazil.

At Celotech, we understand the individual needs of our customers and this allow us to meet the needs individually, and we help to provide value-added services to improve their processes and products.

Celopro® Cellulose Ethers

Your professional and reliable choice of cellulose specialties

We have proven over the years our commitment to cellulose specialties by offering our customers products that no only enhance the quality of building products but also contribute to overall profitability thanks to strict cost control and efficiency.

Celopro® has been widely recognized as a reliable and premium choice of thickener for building materials.

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