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    We're not only offer the products, we also give techical support to our customers.

    New Product and Applications

    Celotech constantly develop new products for new applications.

    Pursuing Excellence

    Celotech is concentrating on cellulose ethers and pursuing excellence of product quality and performance.

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    Consistent and Stable

    We're not only offer good quality, but the most imporant, we offer consitant and stable quality products.

  • About Celotech

    Celotech Chemical Co., Ltd. is a company that provides cellulosics and related services to many essential markets. We’re concentrated only on cellulose products. With our product, Celotech serves customers in lots of countries and several industries, including construction, paint, pharmaceutical, food, personal care and other special industries. In the meantime we constantly develop new applications and product solutions in partnership with our customers.


    Founded in 2005, Celotech Chemicals is a young company but growing fast. Celotech has the production base in Shandong, China with an annual production capacity of 15,000MT of MC (HPMC/MHEC) plus 5000 MT of HEC.


    The sales and marketing team of Celotech located in Suzhou, a city located in the east part of China which is very convenient to visit. The production base of Celotech is located in Shandong, that are producing and offering high quality, stable quality product by well-designed production line.


    Celotech has also founded an independent application laboratory in Suzhou supporting customers improving their formulations. Celotech is supplying many customers globally through multi-national distributing company or through local industry distributors.

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  • Quality Control

    Every employee of Celotech is committed to excellence in quality performance. Quality is a crucial factor in securing our position in the marketplace. Quality means to us is that we fulfill the entire quality and service requirements of our customers or even exceed their expectations. For cellulose ethers industry, quality also means uniform, stable and consistent.


    Celotech has own laboratory for quality control, we perform QC procedure from choosing of raw materials till the end of the production process. We work with a limited number of key raw material suppliers. We check every batch of raw materials and final products to insure stable and consistent quality of our products.


    We aim to fulfill the different requirements of our customers, assisting them to increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve quality products & service. This is achieved by teamwork, a process of continuous improvement and by putting quality and service firmly at the forefront of everything we do.


    Celopro is a series of cellulose ethers products for industrial use, such as building materials, paint etc.


    Celopre refers to purified, premium grade of cellulose ethers developed specially for food, pharma and cosmetics application.


    Celofiber is a series of products obtained directly from natural fiber through special manufacturing process

  • Environmental Friendly

    Cellulosics and their derivatives are produced from natural renewable raw materials, mainly cotton pulp or wood pulp. Ranging from more energy saving building materials, healthier food ingredients and enhanced medicinal delivery, most products containing cellulosics help to make improvements in the daily lives of billions of people. Celotech is committed to building a sustainable chemistry business based on renewable resources, and we strive continually to improve both our yields and energy efficiency.


    Our plant is equipped with all the mandatory government permissions or certificates. Well designed plants and correct installation insure safe production. Waste water treatment plant perform first step treatment to all the waste water from different production lines, then the water discharged to municipal waste water treatment plant to do second step treatment and then discharged to river.

  • Our Team

    Allen Tang

    Sales Manager

    10 years experience in Coatings industry.

    Ali Rizwan

    Regional Sales Manager

    Chemical engineer, more than 10 years experience, specialized in paint and coatings.

    Gary Xu

    Regional Sales Manager

    Working in Celotech since 2017 with International Trading background.

    Helen WANG

    Regional Sales Director

    5 years in cellulose ethers industry, join Celotech since 2014.

    Slawomir Krygier

    Regional Sales Director

    More than 10 years experience in chemicals, especially construction additives.

    Jasmine SHEN

    Customer Service and Logistics

    International trading and logistics background, working in Celotech in charge of logistics, customer services etc. since 2007.

    Qianyi FEI


    First working as HR manager in Celotech since 2013.

    Cheng LU

    Research & Development Manager ( Construction)

    Technical background, experianced with drymix applications and chemical additives.

    Xiang QIAN

    Technical Manager - Drymix Mortar (Cement based)

    Technical background, 5 years experience in drymix mortar industry.

    Shishan Niu

    Technical Manager- Drymix Mortar (Gypsum based )

    Technical background, 15 years experience in construction industry. Several years experience in international company of gypsum and strong experience in gypsum products.

    Zhitao Qi

    Domestic Sales Director

    Technical background, 30 years experience in Coatings industry.

    Young Tu

    Technical Adviser - Drymix Mortar

    20 years in construction industry and very experienced for construction additives and applications.

    Qunfeng NIE

    Technical Director - Paint & Coatings ( Multi-Color Paint)

    30 years rich experience in paint & coatings industry and especially experienced with multi-color paint, stone paint.

    Hou Xue

    Technical Manager - Paint & Coatings

    10 years rich experience in paint & coatings industry and especially experienced with multi-color paint, stone paint.

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