Exterior Paints

Exterior paints are used for decorative design as well as for protecting surfaces from the destructive influences of weathering. Suitable substrates include renders (mineral and polymer based), concrete, brickwork and other coatings.


Exterior emulsion-based paints protect the subsurface by forming a sealed, flexible film. This coating film has low water vapour permeability and acts as an effective barrier against acidic gases (carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide). Because of the reduced water absorption, the facade is protected for many years against damaging effects of water and driving rain. Exterior emulsion-based paints can be coloured with all types of weather-resistant organic and inorganic pigments. Celopro® is mainly used as rheological modifier and enhances the film formation of the binder.

Celopro® H and MH grades with a medium viscosity level are recommended.

Celopro GradesProduct CharacteristicFact Sheet
Celopro HHB30S
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Celopro HHB50S
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Celopro HHB70S
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Celopro MH25MS FP
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