Tape casting: Use of Celopro cellulose ethers provides better flow and leveling and more uniform thickness. Low sodium residues provide the purity necessary for electronic items. Thermal gelation reduces binder migration and surface faults. 

Extrusion forming: Used as a temporary binder and processing aid, Celopro cellulose ethers allow precise control of rheology in ceramic mixes, permitting broader operating ranges. Lubricity reduces energy consumption and dies wear, and promotes smoother surfaces. Thermal gelation permits extrusion of extremely delicate, thin-walled shapes without sag or deformation. 

Dry and isostatic pressing: Celopro products provide optimum grain lubrication for tighter, more uniform packing. The results are more predictable green densities, less shrinkage during firing, and higher fired strengths.

Glazes/porcelain enamel: Celopro cellulose ethers improve control of viscosity and rheology and fire out completely in the kiln.

Injection molding: Use of Celopro cellulose ethers provides higher green densities and better green strength. In high-temperature coatings/refractory mixes and mortars, celopro improves workability and application properties. Because celopro products have low ionic salt residues, they won't lower melting points. In fact, they can permit a reduction in use of plasticizers with low melting points.

Celopro GradesProduct CharacteristicFact Sheet
Celopro HHB300SFinal consistency : lowRead more
Celopro HHB70SFinal consistency : highRead more
Celopro CX20Final consistency : moderateRead more
Celopro MH15M FPFinal consistency : lowRead more

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