Neutral Cleaners

Cleaning agents normally are water solutions which may be acidic, alkaline or neutral depending on use.


Viscous formulas or gel cleaners are particularly useful for cleaning vertical surfaces. Gel cleaners also tend to be chosen for applications where the agent will be left to work for an extended period of time. For neutral cleaners (pH 6-8), Celopre® is ideal for thickening and adjusting the rheology. With Celopre®, manufacturers can achieve the desired look and a specific processing consistency for their cleaning agent.


Medium viscosity Celopre® grades are very well suited to thicken cleaners as they are largely clearly soluble, have a good level of compatibility with ionic surfactants and can easily be incorporated into the cleaner, due to their delayed solubility. Good storage stability will also be achieved.

Celopre GradesProduct CharacteristicFact Sheet
Celopre MK4000Final consistency : moderateRead more
Celopre MK15MFinal consistency : moderateRead more
Celopre MK30MFinal consistency : moderateRead more

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