Silicone resin paints

Silicone resin paints are predominantly used for exterior application. They are a combination of a silicone resin emulsion and a polymer dispersion. The formulation benefits from the combination of good pigment-binding power of the polymer emulsion with the excellent water-repellent properties of the silicone resin. The silicone resin (approximately 1:1 in proportion to the emulsion) yields an open-pored, hydrophobic surface. This, in turn, results in a very good resistance to driving rain but at the same time a high water vapour permeability. Silicone resin paints can only be coloured with inorganic pigments. On account of the open-pored structure, they are suitable for matt finishes. The application properties are adjusted by using Celopro®, enabling the thickening of silicone resin paints..

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Celopro HHB30S
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Celopro MH25MS
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