Thermal Insulation System (EIFS)

For ecologic as well as economic reasons it makes sense to thermally insulate buildings. Most effective is exterior insulation, which is used in new buildings but also during renovation of existing buildings. Insulation boards are normally made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), glass wool or mineral wool.


Celopro® MC improves the workability and increases both adhesion and embedding of the net. In addition to the cement binder, emulsion powders must be added to ensure sufficient adhesion to the insulation board.

Celopro GradesProduct CharacteristicFact Sheet
Celopro MK40M FPFinal consistency : moderateRead more
Celopro MK70M FPFinal consistency : highRead more
Celopro MT4016Final consistency : moderateRead more
Celopro MT4026Final consistency : moderateRead more

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