The most important group of products in the field of oral/dental hygiene is toothpastes. There is a multitude of different products which orient themselves towards specific target groups (children, adolescents, adults) or specific indications e.g. sensitive teeth and gums.


The use of medium viscosity Celopre® is recommended as a thickener and binder. With the help of Celopre® types, the consistency for the filling of the tubes, as well as the final consistency, can be optimally adjusted. Furthermore, the Celopre® types demonstrate good compatibility with many of the ingredients which are used, such as surfactants and humectants. Due to their non-ionic character, they are especially compatible with cationic anti-bacterial active ingredients, such as ammonium compounds and the commonly used caries prophylaxis amino fluoride.

Celopro GradesProduct CharacteristicFact Sheet
Celopre CH250Final consistency : moderateRead more
Celopre CH270Final consistency : moderateRead more
Celopre CH360Final consistency : moderateRead more

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