Cellulose Fiber ----Applied in Construction Industry

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Cellulose fiber is applied very widely in Construction industry, basically be drymix mortar, tile adhesive, joint filler, self-leveling, block laying adhesive, rendering , waterproof and so on. Cellulose fiber is easy to disperse in mortar material to form three-dimensional space structure, and can absorb 6-8 times of water by weight. This structure and characteristic improve the material's performance, workability, water retention, anti-slip performance so that speed up the construction.  The dimensional stability and thermal stability of cellulose fiber play a good role in heat and crack resistance. The moisture transfer function of cellulose fiber makes the slurry surface and the base interface hydration reaction sufficient, thus improving the surface strength of insulation material, the bonding strength with the base and the uniformity of material strength. These properties make cellulose fiber in thermal insulation materials become an indispensable additive.

The concrete application of cellulose fiber

1. Cellulose fiber used in gypsum products

l It can improve uniformity, make plastering easier to apply, and improve vertical flow resistance,  mobility and pumpability to improve work efficiency.

l Its high water retention extends the open time of the mortar and creates high mechanical strength during solidification.

l It controls air infiltration to eliminate micro-cracks in the layer and create an ideal smooth surface.

2. Cellulose fiber used in ceramic tile adhesives

l  It is easier to mix and does not produce clumps by adding cellulose fiber, which improves workability and reduces costs.

l By prolonging the cooling time, the work efficiency and adhesion effect are improved. 

3. Cellulose fiber used in self-leveling

l Improve viscosity, can be used as anti-precipitation additives.

l Enhanced mobility and pumpability to improve the efficiency of floor paving.

l Control water retention, thus greatly reducing cracking and shrinkage.

4. Cellulose fiber used in joint filler

l Excellent water retention can prolong the cooling time and improve work efficiency. And its high lubricity makes construction easier and smoother.

l  Improve shrinkage resistance,cracking resistance and surface quality.

l Improve the smooth and uniform texture, and enhance the adhesion of the bonded surface.


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