Cellulose Fibers Market Analysis By Application

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Cellulose fibers are obtained from various plants as well as from some plant based materials. Fibers obtained directly from natural plants are called as natural cellulose fibers. Natural cellulose fibers include cotton and linin. Fibers extracted from plant pulp are called as manufactured cellulose fibers. The wood pulp obtained from various plants undergoes various chemical as well as mechanical processes. Various types of man-made fibers can be extracted from the processed pulp, depending upon the process carried out on the pulp. Manufactured cellulose fibers include rayon and viscose fibers. Cellulose fibers are widely used for various applications including spun yarn, fabrics and textiles. Some other applications of cellulose fibers are adhesives, sealant, tapes etc. The feedstock used for these fibers is cheap although the processes carried out are costlier than the synthetic fibers. Various cellulose fibers find its applications depending upon their characteristics.


Rayon has good absorbing properties and is thus used for making curtains, carpets etc. while acetate fiber is used for apparel, cigarette filters etc. due to its fast drying capability. Increasing demand for skin friendly, environment friendly as well as biodegradable fabric is expected to drive the market growth over the forecast period. Cellulose fabrics are widely used in clothing industry. Shift of trend from using petrochemical fibers with various cellulose fibers in many of the end use industries has also fuelled the market growth. Ample availability of raw material and technological advancement in manufacturing processes are also expected to trigger the market growth. Frequently changing wood pulp prices, which is used as a raw material for production of cellulose fibers is a major factor affecting the market growth adversely. Asia Pacific market has captured maximum market share and has also been growing at a remarkable growth rate. Key market players in cellulose fibers market include Thai Rayon, Aoyang, Tangshan, Fulida, Sateri, Grasim Industries, Lenzing, Helon and Indo Bhatrat.

The key applications of cellulose fibers include spun yarn, clothing, fabrics and some other segments including adhesives, tape, sealants etc. Clothing sector has dominated the total market share of cellulose fibers in terms of volume as well as revenue in 2013. Clothing segment was followed by fabrics sector. Clothing sector, apart from being the largest sector, is also expected to be the fastest growing segment over the forecast period. Increasing demand for skin friendly and environment friendly fabric is expected to drive the market growth over next six years. Use of man-made cellulose fibers for clothing has increased significantly owing to scarcity as well as increase in prices of cotton. The growing clothing industry in developing economies like India and China and increased spending capacity of consumers are also expected to fuel the growth of this market over the forecast period.

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