• Celopre for Personal Care


  • Purified and Premium Cellulose ethers for personal care industry.

    Celopre cellulose ethers are an extensive family of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) and Hydroxyl Ethyl Cellulose (HEC) polymers that are used globally in many personal care products. They are primarily used as polymeric surfactants, thickeners in liquid formulations, and as binders in solid and semi-solid products.

    Celotech is supplying several products with solution to personal care industry.

    Personal Care products include all areas of nurturing and decorative cosmetics. Nurturing cosmetics include hair care, skin care and oral hygiene. Decorative cosmetics include make-up, powder, eye shadow and mascara.

    In addition to the thickening effect, Celopre® improves the foam stability of bubble bath, preserves moisture during a perm treatment, increases the stickiness of adhesive creams, acts as a binder in powder make-ups and eases the distribution of coloring agents in the hair.

    Celopre are primarily used as polymeric surfactants, thickeners in liquid formulations, and as binders in solid and semi-solid products. Main properties offered in formulation of personal care products are:

    • Thickening / adjustment of consistency
    • Stabilization
    • High compatibility with other raw  materials

    However, the ability of cellulose products to perform these primary functions with reliability and efficiency is only part of the reason for their increasing popularity with formulators.

  • Cellulose ethers we're supply



    Celopre HPMC

    Hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose

    Various grades of premium purified HPMC for personal care products. Please contact us with details.

    Celopre HEC

    Hydroxy ethyl cellulose

    A series of HEC for personal care products.

  • New Products

    Guar gum ether 瓜儿胶醚

    A type of modified guar gum ether for personal care application.

    Guar gum ether is an important type of additive for personal care formulations.


    Cationic Hydroxyl ethyl cellulose 阳离子纤维素



    Celopre TSG - Tamarindus Indica 酸豆子胶

    Celopre TSG 是从日本生长的酸豆籽中分离精制所得,能赋予皮肤天然的感受。


    MaskGumTM 面膜精华液专用增稠剂

    MaskGumTM 系列增稠剂是基于赛璐泰科化工丰富的纤维素醚及植物多糖胶体技术,专门针对各种化妆品面膜无纺布基材而开发的产品。

    MaskGum™系列增稠剂是针对各种化妆品面膜无纺布基材而开发的产品,用其开发的面膜精华液与膜布基材匹配性能优良,不会导致膜布变形和水解。具有良好的增稠、成胶性能和优异的肤感,综合性能非常优越。赛璐泰科化工提供三种规格的产品,分别是MaskGum™ SE, MaskGum™ SM 和 MaskGum™ BCT.

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