Cellulose fiber is a powdery to fibrous cellulose additive for use in construction chemicals products. Celofiber® is a product that is obtained through a special manufacturing process and is offered in a range of grades, thus offer numerous application possibilities. Celofiber® are water-insoluble celluloses left in their natural state, it’s not comparable to water-soluble cellulose ethers.

The structure viscose behavior of Celofiber has an outstanding influence on the anti-sagging effects of plasters and filling compounds. It improves the green stability substantially, thus enabling thick or think layers to be applied in one single step without slipping down from vertical surfaces. The three dimensional fiber skeleton porvides reduced shrinking, which helps prevent the formation of cracks during the drying process. Celofiber extend the pot life, liquid migration from the inside to the outside inhibits the development of a film.

Product Properties
Constitution: Cellulose Fiber
Appearance: White Powder or fibrous
Dispersion: Good
Product Specification
Fiber Length: 800um
Moisture: ≤8% Purity >90.0 %
Bulk Density: 20g/l – 50g/l PH value: 5-8

Packaging, Storage and Safety instructions

Packed in 10 kg multilayer paper sack with polyethylene intermediate layer and inner P.E. bag.

When stored in closed containers, or in its original packaging in a dry place at room temperature, CELOPRO can be kept for a long time. In the case of high viscosity grades, a slow loss of viscosity can be measured after lengthy storage (>1 year). CELOPRO absorbs water from moist air. Once opened, container must be resealed and kept tightly closed.

Cellulose ethers constitute a dust explosion hazard. Dust formation and deposits must be kept to a minimum so that no ignitable dust/air mixtures can form. Ignition sources such as naked flames, hot surfaces, spark and static electricity should be avoided. CELOPRO starts to decompose at about 200°C. Its ignition temperature is >360°C. It burns easily and the fire may spread.

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