Technical Datasheet


Celopro® MT5075 is modified Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose. MT5075 has a medium to high level viscosity and provides the finished product with improved application properties.

MT5075 offers improved properties of,

Excellent workability

Longer open time

Good water retention

Anti-sagging ability

Good strength

Product Properties
Chemical basis:Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose
Viscosity:Approximately 55,000 mPas ( 2% solution, on dry basis)
Particle size:Powder
Moisture content:Max. 8%
Bulk density:250-400 g/l
Recommended Dosage
Typical dosage:0.15 - 0.30%


Celopro MT series are offered in two types of package:

1. Small bags: 25kg per bag. Packed in multilayer paper bags, with inner PE bag.

2. Big bags: 500kg per bag.


Celopro MT5075 is a non-perishable product. It is recommended to use the product in rotating on a first in first out basis. The product should be stored under dry and clean conditions in its original packaging and keep away from heat. The packaging is selected in a way to avoid ingress of moisture, but the water content of the packed product will / may increase if not stored dry.

Product Safety

According to the legislation on dangerous substances and preparations, Celopro cellulose ethers are not hazardous. Further data on the safety aspects of Celopro types are given in the Safety Data Sheet.


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