HPG for Construction

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Guarmer is a brand name of the product that Celotech developed and produced. It is hydroxypropylated galactomannan, a derivative of guar, an annual plant that grows in semi-arid areas. The common chemical description is Hydroxy Propyl Guar (HPG) or some time name as guar ether. 

Guarmer is developed as a thickening and water-retention agent for gypsum-based premixed products. Guarmer significantly reduces formulation cost, offers same water retention performance and improved workability in the final products. 

Guarmer is used as a total or partial alternative to cellulose ethers and is compatible with almost all the other thickeners and binders of natural and synthetic origin necessary for the manufacture of construction materials. The optimal concentration of Guarmer must be determined with specific tests by the user himself in his own formulation. The rather high degree of molar substitution (MS) provides this renewable, natural product a remarkably improved resistance to enzyme degradation and thickening, rheology properties, compare to cellulose ethers.  


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