Application Of Carboxy Methyl Cellulose In Well Drilling

Carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC) from the natural source has a wide range of industrial applications. Due to its natural origin, it is used as a fiber-based adhesive by the miners.


It has the potential of bonding all materials together, even the end product. Apart from this great application, carboxy methyl cellulose is currently used in the drilling sector due to its incredible benefits of achieving better outcomes.


However, when sourcing for highly viscose material for more incredible outcomes during your drilling, always contact a reputable CMC supplier for your project.


Qualities That Make Carboxy Methyl Cellulose Suitable For Drilling

1. Viscosifying ability

Carboxy methyl cellulose is recognized for its excellent potential as a viscosifying agent.


Viscosity has to do with the thickness of a substance. It prevents the material from flowing. Hence in well drilling, CMC absorbs the freshwater from the well preventing it from washing contaminant down the well.


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2. Water Retaining Property

Its water-retaining property makes it an ideal material for drilling. It prevents loss of water in the drilling muds, which is utilized in well drilling.


3. Relatively high molecular weight

The ideal potential of material or materials for muds drilling is material with a higher degree when it undergoes substitution.


Thereby, it becomes soluble and has a relatively high molecular weight capable of producing a high viscose material.


When applied as a thickener, especially in a freshwater environment, its high molecular weight increases its performance.


It is worthy to note that if the application requires salt and carboxy methyl cellulose, the water-retaining property will be affected.


The salt component reduces the solubility and degree of molecular weight in comparison to water.


The Salt composition will lead to the chemical composition and cloudy's partial solubility, thereby forming less structured solutions of lower viscosity.


Application Of Carboxy Methyl Cellulose In Drilling

1. As a Lubricant

One of the usages with which carboxy methyl cellulose has widespread application is its lubricating capacity in well drilling.


The muds are usually available at the drilling site in case of no availability of freshwater. In that case, the CMC supplier produced carboxy methyl cellulose that possesses retaining water potential, especially in saline solution.


This invention about carboxy methyl cellulose in drilling makes it an essential method in the process.


2. Used To Prevent water loss

This excellent strategy in deploying carboxy methyl cellulose in well drilling is an important innovation and improved muds capacity.


It reduces mud losing potential. Note that water loss is considered due to the fluid loss from the lubricating material back to the well.


However, the liquid from the lubricant can become a contaminant to the well.


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