Application Of Cellulose Fiber In Textile Production

Cellulose fiber is an additive in a chemical product for numerous application. It is powdery to fibrous in nature employ in fabrics production.


The use of cellulose fiber in fabrics manufacturing is not new but recent innovation in the industry have given rise to a form of rebirth. This rebirth came as result of commercial production of cellulose fiber.


However, for the best production experience, sourcing your cellulose fiber from a reputable manufacturer is the best way to have a great deal.


cellulose fiber

History of Cellulose Fiber in the Textile Industry

A French chemist, Audemars developed fiber from wood pulp known as rayon. The commercial production of rayon began shortly after with the used of two chemicals namely, viscose and cupramonical.


However, this fiber lost its industrial application due to the toxic and hazardous nature of the chemicals used in producing rayon to human well-being.


Over the years search for a more environmentally and health-friendly results has been on. All thanks to cellulose fiber that have brought a solution for the long-awaited renewable and environmentally friendly raw materials for fabrics.


Advantages Cellulose Fiber

Cellulose fibre-based fabrics are known to possess special properties because it can absorb moisture. As a result, it eliminates the growth of bacteria with respect to the synthetic fabrics.


Currently, fabrics made with cellulose fiber is a hypoallergenic material. Also, due to its ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria, cellulose fiber is used in making medical clothing and cosmetics.


Besides being environmentally friendly and renewable, articles of clothing based on cellulose fiber has a unique and long-lasting. In addition to the above advantages, clothes made with cellulose fiber is smooth and soft.


The ability of cellulose fiber to absorb moisture is far better than the conventional cotton quality, hence, the fabric is for everyday fabrics.


Several other products made from Cellulose fiber

Nowadays where firm fashion is trending, it is pertinent to produce clothes that can withstand climate changes.


However, a lot of interest has been devoted in manufacturing articles of clothing with high-quality. More so, routine fabrics are the focus of the day, because of their long-lasting and stress-free in maintaining the fabric.


Lyocell amid cellulose fibers has a long tenacity, has been customized as uniform and work materials. It does not lose its quality with time.


According to expert, cellulose fibre-based clothes are recommended to be used in making underwear and nightclothes because of its absorption ability.


It is believed to normalize body temperature, absorb sweat on time as well as in the inhibition of bacteria. This aid in reducing the spread of bacterial strains that normally cause bad odour.


However, due to these abundance benefits of cellulose fiber in the textiles industry, search for additional source is ongoing.  


Although it is being produced from wood fibers and some agricultural wastes, cellulose fiber can be found in almost all solid material in the vegetable.


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