MT1004 self leveling

A.Self-Levelling Compounds(SLC) is a flowable mortar made by cement, sand and chemical additives, and it can offer 

• Excellent fluidity, good levelling 

• Fast curing, save time 

• Thin layer, reduce load 

• Main Inorganic materials, more environmentally friendly

To make a good SLC floor, besides the Construction Technology Process, Materials and Formulation are very important. 

Cellulose ethers with low viscosity are widely used in self leveling. Adding Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose will control the water-holding capacity of ground surface after pouring, bleed less obviously, lead to high strength of the ground after drying and small shrinkage, and thus greatly reduce cracks.

B.Problems for SLC

  1. The sand settlement will seriously make slurry bleeding on the surface after the SLC are poured. Also it is likely to cause cracking, peeling and even large area debonding on the surface of the hardened mortar.


Cement with less sand has a big shrinkage rate

Cement with more sand has a small shrinkage rate

  2.The difference between the upper and lower shrinkage ratios is large and it is more likely to cause cracking after SLC hardening.

Construction quality issues of SLC from shinkage: Cracking Debonding


  3.The problem from SLC Water Bleeding:Water bleeding causes ash on the surface after SLC hardening



C.How to deal with the above problems? 

We recommend our HPMC Celopro MT1004. 

Celopro MT1004 for Self Levelling Compound (SLC) application

Low viscosity HPMC for Self-Levelling Compounds(SLC) 

Viscosity: 400mPa.s (Brookfield, 2%, 20℃)

Function: stabilizer, Anti-sand settlement&Anti-water bleeding

HPMC Celopro MT1004 suspension effect test below.

Note: Right side is MT1004, left side is Market HPMC



After stirring, the sand dispersed                after 30min, MT1004 made the sand in a 

in aqueous solution                                     suspended state. No sand settlement. But the

                                                                     sand in market MC aqueous solution all have 

                                                                     settled in the bottom of beaker.    


  Celopro MT1004 has a very good suspension effect with sand, so it has a better anti-sand settlement effect in SLC.

SLC wet flow pizza status comparison

Left side is MT1004 at 27% and 28% water.

Right side is market HPMC


SLC dry flow pizza status comparison

MT1004 at 27% & 28% water


 Market HPMC at 27% & 28% water: Both have pinholes and small protruding points, surfaces are not smooth


 So we can see that MT1004 is a better stabilizer to gain good SLC.


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