Significance Of Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose As A Skincare Ingredient

One may be carried away with the ecstasy of unnecessary skin care products’ ingredients, particularly when it looks like everyone is going for them. However, methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose is one of the skincare ingredients you may not be aware of before.


As a result, it enhances the texture or smoothness, and sensory sensation of skincare formulations, although it does not have any homeopathic benefits to the skin.

It is a naturally derived polymer from wood pulp cell wall utilized in the production of skincare and cosmetic products. It functions skincare and cosmetic include rheology modifier and thickening agent.


methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose

It might interest you to know that this water-soluble polymer can be synthesized by reacting alkaline cellulose with ethylene oxides.


Nevertheless, when sourcing for a good thickener and rheology modifier for your skincare product, you must consult a reputable methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose supplier for your best deal.

Why Is MHEC Used In Skincare Products?

The following factors might form the basis of MHEC as an ingredient in skincare product formulations.



In cosmetic or skincare products, thickening agents are essential in the formulation. Since MHEC increases the texture of the product, it ensures the product spread evenly and effectively on the skin.


This is most important when the skin has a potholed complexion or scaly. Over 500 thickeners are known to manufacturers but MHEC is the most popular because it is soluble in water.


MHEC has the capability to thicken water-based materials during the product formulation.  It is a white powder in a moist free-state while it is a free-flowing granulose powder when dissolved in water. The water causes the granulose to swell up forming a clear gel.


Feedback from manufacturers is that MHEC forms the clearest gels and serums among all the naturally occurring polymers.


methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose

Rheology Modifier

Rheology is a scientific term defined as the study of spreading ability or how materials flow. This quality is essential and is required in skincare products to enable them to flow properly.


For instance, body cream must have a thick, rich form in the container and also have the ability that allows easily picked up and flow into the body. However, a rheology modifier is added in skincare formulation to improve the product spread.


Over and over again, the rheology modifier is interchangeably used with a thickener. While it improves the thickness look, at the same time, it produces a texture and sensory feeling quality to the formulation.


MHEC is uniquely working to give skincare products thickness and a smooth feel. This quality of MHEC reduces the use of a less smoothing agent that may irritate. Also, it improves flaking or stickiness on the skin by producing richness and creaminess. 


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