Environmental Friendly

Environmental Friendly

Cellulosics and their derivatives are produced from natural renewable raw materials, mainly cotton pulp or wood pulp. Ranging from more energy saving building materials, healthier food ingredients and enhanced medicinal delivery, most products containing cellulosics help to make improvements in the daily lives of billions of people. 

Celotech is committed to building a sustainable chemistry business based on renewable resources, and we strive continually to improve both our yields and energy efficiency.

Our plant is equipped with all the mandatory government permissions or certificates. Well designed plants and correct installation insure safe production. Waste water treatment plant perform first step treatment to all the waste water from different production lines, then the water discharged to municipal waste water treatment plant to do second step treatment and then discharged to river.

Our Logo and company name also indicate our idea on environmental friend. The Green color of our Logo reflects the link between our business and nature’s renewable chemistry – cellulose – that is the foundation of most of our products.   The silver gray is the color of the “earth” which refers to the base of our products and silver gray is the color of technology, it also indicates our dream to be a technology oriented company.

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