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Celotech Chemical is a group of companies that manufacturing cellulose ethers, polysacchrides, construction chemicals and providing technical services to many markets.

With our products Prestar®, Stargel® , Celopro®, Celofiber® and other additives produced within our group companies, like Vinabond® Redispersible Polymer Powder, Ultraplast® Superplasticizer, Gypstar® Gypsum Retarder, Foamsolver® defoamer, Quickset®Calcium formate, Aquago® Water repellent Agent, Celotech is supplying many customers in construction industry all over the world.  At the same time we constantly develop new applications and product solutions in partnership with our customers.

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We are concentrating on Small Additives.

Founded in 2005, Celotech Chemicals is a young company but growing fast and consistently. Celotech set up the production site in Shandong, China and headquarted in Suzhou of Jiangsu province, a city very near Shanghai. Now the products of Celotech has exported to over 60 countries all over the world.

After nearly 20 years of development, Celotech Chemical now is consists of Qiyuan celluose, Cemotech Construction Chemicals, Celofiber Technology, Startec Modified Starch, with four independent companies each concentrating on different areas.

Celotech plant is ISO 9001: 2008 certified and had implemented a strong quality control system, thus make our products more stable and consistent in quality. With rich experiences in the application sdie, Celotech understand better our customers’ needs and we’re selling across Asia, Middle east, Africa and Europe.


Advantages of Celotech Chemical

Consistent Quality

Maintaining high quality products and services has always been our top priority. Our customers & partners have strong trust in our products, so we work hard to meet their expectations – a continuous production process and daily quality assurance helps ensure the highest quality every time.

Technical Service

Nowadays, customers expect their mortar products that has good performance, excellent work-ability, with optimized properties like anti-sagging, anti-slip, good adhesion and lower cost. We have the experience, expertise, facilities and infrastructure to help them meet those challenges and maintain competitiveness.


Our passion for developing exciting, market-winning products fuels our inventive and innovative culture. Our customers don’t just see us as a supplier of great additives, but as a trusted strategic partner that helps them develop new solutions that meet changing demands.

Lab Capabilities

A view of Celotech Technical Center Suzhou.

Celotech has own laboratory for product research and develop, we perform customize procedure from designing of raw materials till the end of the production process. We work with a limited number of key raw material suppliers. We check every batch of raw materials and testing different ingredients to insure stable and consistent quality of our products.

Application Labs

A view of Celotech Technical Center Suzhou.
Not only supplying product, also give technical support.

Celotech established own technical center to help customers on product analysis, new development of formulation or products, formulation optimizing etc.

Technical Center Suzhou

About 400 square meter large. Equipped with instruments for physical and chemical test of products, for application test of drymix mortar products and paint, home care products.

Technical Lab Shandong

Around 500 square meter large lab equipped with all the major instruments for physical, chemical test. A small application lab with space of 100 square meter large can perform application test for drymix mortar products.

Cooperative Lab

Celotech also working together with the construction lab of Suzhou University of Science and Technology.

Celotech Technical Center Lahore, Pakistan

Together with local partner in Pakistan, Celotech will set up a technical center to supporting local customers in Lahore, Pakistan. The Lab will be finished and start running within second half of 2018.

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