Celopro® MK

Celopro® MK

Celopro® MK product line comprises Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose grades with a medium to high degree of etherification, which provide building materials with high water retention even at high wet mortar temperatures of 30-40°C. This ensures that the building materials are workable in a warm climate or when immediately using freshly burnt gypsum or heat-dried sand.

Celopro® MK products are produced as fine or very fine powders. By matching the particle size to the requirements of the individual building material system, the consistency and water retention can be precision-adjusted in respect of the time-related build-up of these features. The products are available in viscosity between 400 and 70, 000 mPa·s .


Celopro® MK products provide superb workability, setting characteristics and ultimate strength in:

Gypsum based and cement based (hand or machine applied) Premixed plaster / render

Gypsum based fillers and jointing compounds,

Cement based fillers, masonry mortar, tile adhesives, EIFS adhesives

Jointing/grouting compounds, cement extrusion compounds

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