Our Brands

Our Brands

We concentrate on cellulose ethers and HPMC, MHEC and HEC are main products we’re producing. We supply to global market various grades with different substitution degree, broad range of viscosities thus for different applications.It owns CELOPRO and CELOPRE sub-brands


Celopro is a series of cellulose ethers products for industrial use, such as building materials, paint etc.


Celopre refers to purified, premium grade of cellulose ethers developed specially for food, pharma and cosmetics application.


Celofiber is a series of products obtained directly from natural fiber through special manufacturing process.


Vinabond® is a copolymer powder of vinyl acetate and ethylene and is dispersible in water. Drymix mortar modified with Vinabond® exhibit improved adhesion, flexural strength in bending, deformability, abrasion resistance and are easier to process. Leveling, thixotropy and water retention are essentially unaffected.


Prestar is the brand of modified starch produced by Celotech Chemical. Prestar is made from natrual starch such as corn starch, cassava starch, potato starch etc. it changes to be a modified starch after gelatinization and drying.


Starch ether is one of the most aboundent natural polymers, and is composed of amylose and amylopectin. Amylopectin molecules are much larger than amylose. Starch ethers are chemically modified from starch.


Ultraplast is a brand of water reducer, produced by Cemotech Construction Chemicals. Polycarboxylate based superplasticizer is a kind of high performance water-reducing agent. It was known as the third generation superplasticizer, is produced with advanced technology, thus has the excellent overall performance.


Foamsolver, as it’s name indicate that is a product we produced for self leveling and other cement or gypsum based mortar products.


GYPSTAR® Gypsum retarder significantly improve the efficiency while at the same time save cost and give flexibility to gypsum bonding agent or gypsum plaster by prolong the open time.


Aquago is a water repellent product developed by Cemotech Construction Chemicals.
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