Celotech in China Coat 2023

November 15th, 2023 Shanghai

Celotech Chemical attended China Coat 2023, it was a Successful Show. After stopped 4 years because of Covid, this year the great event for people gether together, the China Coat Exhibition is back.

It’s first time after the COVID times, to see so many people and visitors from every corner of the world. Celotech Chemical attended this show, together with branch companies Cemotech Construction Chemicals, Startec Modified Starch and Keyoung, Celofiber Technology.

During this event, Celotech Group introduced it’s new products and new changes in the last 4 years. In last four years from 2019, there were several changes happend within Celotech Chemicals.

  1. Expansion of production capacity of MHEC, MHPC. After a expansion on the production capacity, Celotech Chemical is now able to supply 50,000mt Methylcellulose ethers and 5000MT Hydroxy ethyl cellulose.
  2. Celotech Chemical has merged together with Cemotech Construction Chemicals in 2020.
  3. Celotech Chemical invested and established new production line in 2019 and 2020, Celotech Start  producing modified starches, and will expand it’s production capacity in 2024. After the government permission, Celotech will invest and establish a new factory that will concentrating on starch products and it’s modifications, Celotech will producing Pregelatinized Starch, Hydroxyl propyl Starch, Carboxyl Methyl Starch, and will develop and producing more types of modified starches for different application areas.
  4. Celotech will put a great effort on modified starches.

As always, the show is very busy and hard to have a deep and through discussion during the exhibition time, two and half day is not enough to meet all our valued visitors. We hope to meet you personally in the near future or see you next time in Guangzhou, in 2024.

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