The signing ceremony between Celotech & Sultan Impex

Celotech and Sultan lmpex work together to establish Celotech Technical Center Pakistan.

In this beautiful summer season, Celotech and Sultan lmpex have jointly written a brilliant chapter of joint progress and innovation. On May 22, 2024, at No. 60 Chuangye Street, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, the two companies held a solemn and grand signing ceremony at the Celotech Conference Room, marking the joint establishment of the Pakistan Technology Center and the beginning of a new journey of cooperation.

At the signing ceremony, representatives from Celotech and Sultan lmpex Company jointly signed a cooperation agreement《Agreement for establish Cooperative Celotech Technical Center Pakistan》.The representatives of the two companies and the attending guests witnessed this important moment and together sent good wishes for future cooperation and development.

About Celotech

Celotech Chemical is a group of companies that manufacturing cellulose ethers, polysacchrides, construction chemicals and providing technical services to many markets.With our products Prestar®, Stargel® , Celopro®, Celofiber® and other additives produced within our group companies, like Vinabond® Redispersible Polymer Powder, Ultraplast® Superplasticizer, Gypstar® Gypsum Retarder, Foamsolver® defoamer, Quickset®Calcium formate, Aquago® Water repellent Agent, Celotech is supplying many customers in construction industry all over the world.  At the same time we constantly develop new applications and product solutions in partnership with our customers.

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It is reported that Celotech Technical Center Pakistan is expected to be completed and put into use in August this year. The center will integrate multiple functions such as product research and development, competitor analysis, quality monitoring, and application testing, aiming to provide comprehensive support for sales. Through the establishment of this center, Celotech and Sultan Impex will work together to promote technological progress and industrial upgrading in the mortar market in Pakistan.

Celotech has been committed to the production and product research and development of dry mixed mortar additives, with rich industry experience and advanced technical strength. Sultan Impex has a wide resource network in the Pakistani market. The cooperation between both parties will achieve effective integration of technology and market resources, and jointly build the first professional physical and chemical application laboratory in the mortar market in Pakistan.

The establishment of this laboratory will provide more accurate data support and scientific basis for product development in the mortar market in Pakistan. Through competitor analysis, the laboratory will deeply analyze the market competition situation and provide strong support for the strategic decision-making of enterprises. At the same time, the strengthening of quality monitoring and application testing will ensure that the quality and performance of products reach industry-leading levels, providing a solid support for sales.

At the signing ceremony, representatives from both sides expressed that they will take this cooperation as an opportunity to further strengthen communication and cooperation, and jointly promote the construction and development of the technology center. They believe that with the joint efforts of both parties, the Pakistan Technology Center will achieve even more brilliant achievements and inject new vitality into the development of both companies.

With the establishment of the Pakistan Technology Center, Celotech and Sultan lmpex will work together to embrace new challenges and opportunities. Both sides will continuously deepen the connotation of cooperation and expand the scope of cooperation with a more open attitude and pragmatic style

The cooperation between Celotech and Sultan Impex is not only a full demonstration of the strength of both sides, but also a powerful promotion for the healthy development of the mortar market in Pakistan. Both sides will take this as an opportunity to further strengthen technological exchange and cooperation, and jointly explore new opportunities for market development.

In short, the signing ceremony between Celotech and Sultan Impex is a grand event in the mortar market and an important achievement in the economic and trade cooperation between the two companies. The cooperation between both parties will inject new impetus into the healthy development of Pakistan’s mortar market, and we also look forward to achieving more fruitful results in this cooperation, bringing more development opportunities and cooperation space for both sides.

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