Celopro® DK702 is a kind of cellulose with a delayed solubility in order to avoid lump formation. It is specially developed for detergent use and is widely applied for the production of detergent powders and pastes in our daily necessities. HPMC can make washing liquid more viscous and the effect of washing more stable. Celopro® is one of the essential additives in clothes and dish detergent.

In the solution, Celopro® functions as thickening agent and protects other ingredients against sedimentation.

Product Properties
Constitution: Cellulose Ethers
Appearance: White powder Delayed Solubility: YES
Etherification: Standard etherification Ionicity: Non
Product Specification Referential data
Moisture: ≤6%
Content of NaCI: ≤3% Active substance: >98.0 %
Particle Size: <125µm: min 90.0 % Bulk Density: 320g/l – 420g/l
Particle Size: <100µm: min 70.0 % Etherification( MS/DS): 0.2/1.6
Viscosity: 25,000 – 35,000 mPa.s
Brookfield, in 2.0% water solution, at 20°C.


Celopro® is packed in 25 kg multilayer paper bag with intermediate layer and inner P.E. bag.

Storage and Safety instructions

When stored in closed containers, or in its original packaging in a dry place at room temperature, CELOPRO can be kept for a long time. In the case of high viscosity grades, a slow loss of viscosity can be measured after lengthy storage (>1 year). CELOPRO absorbs water from moist air. Once opened, container must be resealed and kept tightly closed.

Cellulose ethers constitute a dust explosion hazard. Dust formation and deposits must be kept to a minimum so that no ignitable dust/air mixtures can form. Ignition sources such as naked flames, hot surfaces, spark and static electricity should be avoided. CELOPRO starts to decompose at about 200°C. Its ignition temperature is >360°C. It burns easily and the fire may spread.

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