Is Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose Safe As Personal Care Products Ingredient?

Is Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose Safe As Personal Care Products Ingredient?

Anytime hydroxy ethyl cellulose is mentioned as an ingredient in cosmetics and personal care products, so many think it seems awkward and sort of synthetic hash chemical.

Although many assert that this ingredient’s name is not that familiar and it sounds suspicious and dreadful.

Even its pronunciation seems difficult for the non-chemist. All this happened because it doesn’t have a common name that laymen can pronounce at ease.

hydroxy ethyl cellulose

All the same, the ingredient is not harmful or unnatural.

Come to think of it many ingredients have some sort of suspicious names that is difficult to pronounce. Two common examples include sodium chloride, generally known by its common name, salt, and sodium bicarbonate, generally known as baking soda.


The two cited examples are common ingredients in both cosmetic and food products. Because we are used to these ingredients, and many considered them as non-hazardous as far as toxicity level is concerned.  


The same is applied to hydroxy ethyl cellulose. And many manufacturers have tried to come up with common abbreviations such as HEC that would make it easier for people to be familiar with. Buying hydroxy ethyl cellulose from a reputable supplier will guarantee you qualified products.

A fast Fact about Hydroxyethylcellulose

HEC is a product modified through cotton or woo pulp. It is an extraordinary non-ionic rheology converter and thickener.

hydroxy ethyl cellulose

When you used it as one of the ingredients in cosmetic products, it enhances the viscosity of your manufactured goods by modifying the product to be thicker subject to the quantity used.

Hydroxyl ethyl cellulose produces crystal flawless serums and creates an outstanding delivery system for other actives ingredients in your formulations.

It reduces the amount of surfactant used in your manufactured goods, making your cleaners and shampoos more mild and active.


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